How To Get Device Information In Android

When I Install .apk file first of all above 4, version get permission in android then permission id done show get all information there.

Marshmallow Permission Implement In Android Studio

Android Marshmallow we need to all permission request the user for specific permissions in android. multiple permission are aloso including this code. I handle all type permission in this code

How to Integrate Paytm wallet in android application

The Payment Gateway of Paytm. It will communicate with the Paytm SDK and Merchant's Web server. In case, the payment is made via credit cards/debit cards/net banking, the Payment Gatway will interact with the Banks as well.

How to Use PayUBiz Payment Gateway Integration

PayUbiz payment gateway has best in class feature and technology from PayU. PayU and PayUMoney are two different products from the same company-PayU India... Increase golobal & mobile conversion
thanks to one simple integration to.....PayUbiz(B2B) is a payment gateway

Google Firebase Cloud Messaging In Android

This android FCM Notifcation tutorial I will be using Firebase. We will also use google Firebase server and database. we will show how to send a notification in your application.

Android Tutorialsee Notification using firebase messaging FCM , FCM is a messaging solution that allows you to send messages

There are many steps in following :-

 * Go to firebase console and select the app you created

 * From the left menu select notification

 * Click on new message

 * Enter message, select single device and paste the token you copied and click on send. The same as I did on the video, and check your device

Step: 1


Step :2


Step :3


Step :4


Step :5


Step :6


Step :7


Step :8


Step :9


Step :10


Step :11


Step :12


Step :13


Step :14


How to make Shopping Cart for E-commerce

This shopping cart Tutorial for this example code and this tutorial example we will create a simple shopping cart .l will involve several different Layout Our Mobile app Creator has been used for build your mobile shopping cart for android.

How to make Design Circle Menu Example In Android

This is a simple implementation of a circle menu for android application in this tutorial. The Designing and coding of Custom UI for mobile app and round left to right and easy way to move in this example

How to make ViewPager Example In Android

You can create swipe views in your application using the View Pager Fragment . In this tutorial included three example Cube Out Transformer, Dynamic Background, Image Gallery hope you are like this tutorial

How to make Android Carousel & CardView View Pager

hey guys.... I started by implementing a simple design view that catains CardView and for each cardview. I Implemented a Fragment used FragmentAdapter that contains multiple fragments that user can swipe that it's is ViewPager.

How to make Android Jewellery Application Design

Showcase all your latest and featured design & development on you customers app. The Application gives you the facility to choose the best collection with gold silver. Get the collection in this app category basis, office details of retailer Sliding menu Order Details Payment mode add the best collection in your favorites list etc.