How to Upload Your Application on Google Play Store

Android application project in Eclipse or an already created signed ‘.apk’ file of the project that you want to upload on Google Play Store.
Internet connection. Credit/Debit card to pay for Google Developer license. Screenshots and/or videos of your application on your computer (At least two Screenshots are compulsory) If you have an Android application Project in Eclipse then follow the steps given below to generate signed apt. If you already have signed ‘.apk’ file, you may directly start from Step 10........

1. Open Eclipse


2. Select 'Export'


3. Select export type


4. Checking for Errors


5. Entering a Keystore


6. Creating a new keystore


7. Choosing a Password


8. Choosing an Alias


9. Choose File Export Destination


10. Go to Google Developer Site


11. Logging into Google Developer


12. Adding a new application


13. Initiating APK Upload


14. Initiating APK Upload (part-2)


15. Select and upload APK file


16. Add description to your project


17. Add Screenshots of your application


18. Adding an Icon to your application


19. Pricing and Distribution


20. Publishing your application

Creating a new keystore
Checking for Errors
Select 'Export'
Select 'Export'
Select 'Export'
Write code Here................