Google Firebase Cloud Messaging In Android

This android FCM Notifcation tutorial I will be using Firebase. We will also use google Firebase server and database. we will show how to send a notification in your application.

Android Tutorialsee Notification using firebase messaging FCM , FCM is a messaging solution that allows you to send messages

There are many steps in following :-

 * Go to firebase console and select the app you created

 * From the left menu select notification

 * Click on new message

 * Enter message, select single device and paste the token you copied and click on send. The same as I did on the video, and check your device

Step: 1


Step :2


Step :3


Step :4


Step :5


Step :6


Step :7


Step :8


Step :9


Step :10


Step :11


Step :12


Step :13


Step :14


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